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Strength & Power > Foundation Strength

So you want to get stronger and faster? Don't start by lifitng heavy weights!
Starting a strength and power programme by lifting heavy weights is a recipe for injury and will not have the desired effects. Some players are naturally big and strong but this does not give them the licence to start squatting 150kg or performing power cleans. You need to be progressive and in most cases all the strength you need can come from swiss ball, medicine ball, resistance tube and body weight drills - drills you can perform at home.

The training options for foundation strength include:

  • swiss ball drills - a combination of core stability and general strength drills
  • functional bodyweight exercises - push ups, pull ups, lunges and step-ups
  • resistance tube drills - Click here for a free Reebok Resistance Tube programme
  • medicine ball exercises - versatile exercises that develop strength and control

Your arms and legs rely on the support of your trunk - developing your trunk stability has to be your first priority.
All strength movements originate from your trunk - the area of your body that supports your arms and legs. Full body movements such as tackling, jumping or getting up from the ground involve both sets of limbs, and rely on the co-ordination and recruitment of your core stability. Core stability is a vital ingredient for players at all levels.





Click here for a free Reebok Resistance Tube programme
You do not have to lift heavy weights to get faster, stronger or bigger!
Visit the Rugby League Fitfiles for Strength & Power drills
Strength originates from your trunk so core stability training is the first step in strength development