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FEATURE PRODUCT - The Core Workout Manual

The Core Workout - A definitive guide to swiss ball training for athletes, coaches and fitness professionals. By sport scientist Paul Pook and physiotherapist Joanne Elphinston (2004) 144 pages, with over 250 illustrations.

The Core Workout manual presents an advanced and definitive guide to Swiss ball training. This challenging new programme includes over 250 illustrations of Swiss ball exercises to help you develop core stability and maximise your power, speed and control potential for Rugby League.

"The issues covered in the book vary from conditioning, decreasing injury risk, improving balance and muscular coordination to improving posture. The book is comprehensible even to the lay person and is an fantastic interesting practical guide to the world of 'core stability" Independent review

The Core Workout manual includes chapters on the following areas:-

  1. Core Stability for sport and conditioning
  2. The Swiss Ball
  3. Basic Guidelines
  4. Common errors
  5. Key elements
  6. Library of exercises
  7. Skill Builders
  8. Double Trouble (partner and two ball exercises)
  9. Sample Workouts
  10. Weight Training with your exercise ball
  11. Flexibility Development
  12. Before the event

"This book is an excellent read covering what has now become a central issue in the sport and fitness. Core stabilty on the ball, which is the primary focus of this publication is covered in substantial detail providing the reader with clear concise guidelines on the inclusion of this concept to improve almost every aspect of his/her athletic performance." Independent Review


The Core Workout is used by many elite sports men and women and national governing bodies, illustrating it's application to performance enhancement and injury prevention

Core Workout Manual