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BOOKS and CD Roms

Please browse our extensive range of Rugby League fitness books and CD roms

The Core Workout by Joanne Elphinston and Paul Pook. 136 pages, with over 250 illustrations.
The definitive guide to swiss ball training for players, coaches and fitness professionals. Great for core stability and full body strength.The Core Workout manual presents an advanced and definitive guide to Swiss ball training with over 250 illustrations of Swiss ball exercises to help you develop core stability and maximise your power, speed and control potential.

: £14.95

Functional Training for Sports. 208 pages.
Author Mike Boyle addresses movement, body positions, and abilities that are essential for success in competition. Yyou will improve your total athleticism, enhance your performance, and reduce injuries through exercise progressions that will spur your development potential for specific movement patterns you commonly use in your sport. Providing tests for you to determine where to start, the progressions focus on training for the torso, the upper body, and the lower body.

: £12.95

High Performance Sports Conditioning. Paperback 376 pp
Brings together 22 of the finest and most respected contributors ever assembled for a sports conditioning guide share their best drills and workouts for developing full athletic potential. Internationally acclaimed experts such as Don Chu on power, Mark Verstegen on coordination and agility, and Tudor Bompa on periodization provide the very best information and insights in their respective areas of training

: £14.95

Sport Stretch. Paperback, 232 pages.
This new edition of Sport Stretch is a complete guide to flexibility for both weekend warriors and elite competitors.

The centrepieces of this comprehensive book are its illustrations and step-by-step guidelines for 311 different stretches. The stretches can be used individually or grouped with other stretches to form a personalized flexibility program

: £10.95

The Athletic Woman's Survival Guide. Paperback, 276 pp
This book provides recommendations for changing the attitudes of the people dealing with female athletes. Suggestions are included for coaches and parents on providing positive reinforcement about the female's weight, self-esteem, and body image. With the help of The Athletic Woman's Survival Guide , athletes can find out how to get help so they can once again train, compete, and be healthy all at the same time.

: £10.95