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Rugby League is a high-intensity collision sport, so players need good muscle size, strength, and power. Statistics show that players are getting heavier and more muscular, and in general this trend is not compromising their mobility on the pitch. However, players should be careful not to become obsessed with gaining muscle mass; many players of below-average body weight have excelled in Rugby League by optimizing speed, agility, and fuel mix conditioning in their training programs.

Guidelines for Increasing Muscle Mass
Ensure that your caloric intake exceeds your caloric expenditure.
Focus on gaining muscle mass during the off-season.
Gradually increase your protein intake up to 2.2g per kilogram bodyweight.
Include periodic phases of hypertrophy strength training (not all year long!), but do not neglect functional drills. Refer to the Strength & Power section for further information on hypertrophy strength training.

If you need to increase your calorie intake it is often easier to do so with the help of sports supplements such as Cyclone.


Banana - 1.2kg
Chocolate- 1.2kg
Strawberry - 1.2kg
Vanilla - 1.2kg