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By knowing the causes, prevention, and treatment of sports injuries, you can help make Rugby League participation a positive experience for your child.

During puberty, children experience a growth spurt when bones grow more quickly than muscles and tendons, making muscles and tendons short, tight, and prone to injury. In addition, teens may also become less co-ordinated as they adjust to their physical changes, which can increase the risk of injury.

Teenagers are more susceptible to sports injuries for a variety of reasons. Children mature at different rates so a substantial difference in height and weight between children of the same age can exist. When children of the same age but varying sizes play sports together, there may be an increased risk of injury.

Some experts estimate that half of children's injuries that occur during organised sports activities are preventable.

You can help prevent sports injuries in your child by following some simple guidelines:
Proper equipment - consider protective clothing such as mouth guards, shin pads and correctly fitted boots and trainers.
Playing surface - Check that playing fields are not full of holes and ruts, possibly causing the child to fall. Avoid running on concrete.
Qualified supervision - coaches, referees and weight lifting instructors should have up to date qualifications
Make sure that children are matched according to their skill level, size, and physical maturity.
Over training and playing can be a trap - if a child enjoys playing so much, he or she may volunteer for too many activities
Warm-up and cool down principles apply to children as much as they do to adults


Participating in a variety of sports will enhance Rugby League performance - don't exclude other sports even if Rugby League is the first choice
Children are less co-ordinated and have slower reaction times than adults because they are still growing and developing
Visit the Rugby League Fitfiles for 100s of Rugby League Fitness drills
Proper preparation will help ensure that your child has fun and reduces the chances of an injury.
Ref:- Better Coaching: Advanced Coach's Manual