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As a parent you are a cross between a role model and mentor - continually setting an example, providing support, and encouragement

Part of helping your teen commit to fitness may include becoming a positive role model by regularly exercising on your own or with your child.

Guidelines for positive parent support:
Enjoyment in the activity is the first priority
Attend your child's games as much as possible and guide them during skill or fitness drills.
Help them learn the value of sportsmanship, teamwork and discipline
Encourage as best as you can, and reassure them that not everyone starts out as an Olympic athlete.
Keep records of their accomplishments. It helps build their self-esteem
Vary activities - encourage participation in all sports
Remember that fitness is an incidental benefit of playing - don't focus too highly on formal fitness sessions

Coaching your child's team or cheering from the stands on game days are other ways you can show your support. Praise what he or she does well and provide plenty of opportunities for successful performance.

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Concentrate on your child's successes, rather than his or her failures
Balance core stability provide the support network for successful co-ordination and foot speed - essentials for effective dribbling.
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